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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
89Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalIndexError: list index out of rangeDeoren Moor04/07/2012 02:43 PM
88Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalPackt Publishing - eBook Deal of the Day was not found when it was offeredDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:54 PM
87Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalPacktpub dotd scraping ignores other current dealsDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:55 PM
86Deal MailerDefectAssignedNormalPage scraping timeouts are not handled properlyDeoren Moor11/29/2011 08:03 AM
85Deal MailerDefectAssignedHighDebugging print statements keep running afoul of UnicodeEncodeError exceptionsDeoren Moor11/28/2011 11:07 AM
84Deal MailerFeatureAssignedNormalSplit feeds list and accompanying options into separate fileDeoren Moor04/07/2012 09:08 PM
83Deal MailerFeatureAssignedNormalConsider adding support for InformIt promotions Deoren Moor11/27/2011 04:56 PM
82Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalUpdate DoTD linksDeoren Moor11/28/2011 11:14 AM
81Deal MailerFeatureAssignedNormalAdd customized user agent for scriptDeoren Moor11/27/2011 04:28 PM
80Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd support for Deal of the Day and Special Offers from PacktPub.comDeoren Moor11/28/2011 11:07 AM
79Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd support for compressed feed sourcesDeoren Moor11/26/2011 04:02 PM
78Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAllow alternate url to be included with the deal instead of the feed urlDeoren Moor11/16/2011 01:31 PM
77Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalManning Books Twitter feed isn't reliably providing Deal of the Day textDeoren Moor11/16/2011 01:32 PM
76Deal MailerDefectClosedHighLeft an old email address as the FROM_ADDR valueDeoren Moor11/16/2011 10:12 AM
75Deal daily deal page location changedDeoren Moor11/15/2011 08:34 AM
74SynclosureFeatureClosedNormalbuild script - tag win32 binary with iconDeoren Moor01/05/2011 10:30 AM
73SynclosureDefectClosedUrgentBinary version of Synclosure version 0.2 doesn't workDeoren Moor01/04/2011 07:52 PM
72SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - Python code compilation errorDeoren Moor01/05/2011 10:14 AM
71SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - Error message string interpolation failureDeoren Moor01/17/2011 09:38 AM
70SynclosureDefectClosedHighbuild script fails to run, 'build_dir' is not definedDeoren Moor01/03/2011 08:37 PM
69SynclosureFeatureClosedNormalAdd option to installers for keeping sources.iniDeoren Moor01/07/2011 12:49 PM
68SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - MSI output file isn't placed in the same dir as other output filesDeoren Moor01/02/2011 05:45 PM
67SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - old builds are no longer removed during cleanup phaseDeoren Moor01/02/2011 05:45 PM
66SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - set Inno Setup installer output filename dynamicallyDeoren Moor01/02/2011 05:39 PM
65SynclosureDefectClosedNormalUpdate WiX project to use command-line variable for Product->Version attributeDeoren Moor01/02/2011 03:26 PM
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