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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
139Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalMicrosoft Press feed URL has changedDeoren Moor11/11/2015 10:35 AM
138Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd "Video Deal of the Week" from informit.comDeoren Moor11/07/2015 10:52 AM
137Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd "Springer Daily Deal" RSS feed for apress.comDeoren Moor11/06/2015 04:13 PM
136Email UpdatesDefectAssignedHighScript does not properly handle yum warnings re yum lockDeoren Moor07/27/2015 04:27 PM
135Email UpdatesDefectAssignedHighReported updates includes a list of all root directoriesDeoren Moor11/02/2016 08:52 AM
134Email UpdatesFeatureAssignedNormalAdd support for including a text file in the generated email message to be used as header, footer or bodyDeoren Moor02/25/2015 10:02 AM
133Email script reports emails with "rejected" in the subject line (via Subject line logging)Deoren Moor02/15/2015 09:11 AM
132Email ScriptsFeatureAssignedNormalCreate script which reports Yahoo temporary deferralsDeoren Moor11/24/2014 10:01 AM
131Email UpdatesFeatureAssignedNormalCheck (optional) include file permissions/ownership before including it.Deoren Moor10/28/2014 03:16 PM
130Email UpdatesDefectAssignedNormalRemove up2date functionality now that Red Hat Enterprise Linux v4 has gone EOLDeoren Moor10/13/2014 02:59 PM
129Email UpdatesFeatureClosedNormalAllow overriding default settings with local option/config fileDeoren Moor10/28/2014 05:54 PM
128Email UpdatesFeatureAssignedNormalInclude option to provide link for additional informationDeoren Moor02/25/2015 10:03 AM
127Email UpdatesFeatureAssignedNormalSort updates list before reporting themDeoren Moor10/13/2014 12:23 PM
126Email ScriptsFeatureAssignedNormalCreate script to report header check warningsDeoren Moor06/30/2014 08:02 AM
125Email ScriptsFeatureAssignedNormalWrite script to handle reporting email rejections associated with "554 Message not allowed" noticesDeoren Moor06/30/2014 08:03 AM
124Email ScriptsFeatureClosedNormalWrite script to generate a report for rejected incoming mailDeoren Moor02/15/2014 08:52 PM
123Email UpdatesDefectAssignedNormalHandle DNS errors and other network failuresDeoren Moor10/13/2014 12:24 PM
122Email ScriptsDefectClosedNormalModify rejection warnings reporting script to use production paths instead of my test locationsDeoren Moor06/30/2014 08:04 AM
121Email ScriptsDefectClosedNormalModify rejection warnings reporting script to skip emailing empty logsDeoren Moor06/30/2014 08:05 AM
120Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalCron output: This system is receiving updates from Red Hat Subscription ManagementDeoren Moor01/15/2014 12:33 PM
119Email ScriptsFeatureClosedNormalModify script to parse mail log and generate a report (CSV attachment) of all 'blocked using X RBL' rejection warningsDeoren Moor08/06/2013 08:18 AM
118Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalhostname: Name or service not knownDeoren Moor01/31/2014 08:16 AM
117Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalScript is reporting an old update as a new oneDeoren Moor10/13/2014 12:21 PM
116Email ScriptsFeatureClosedNormalAdd script to parse mail log and generate a report (CSV attachment) of all 'Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname' rejection warningsDeoren Moor08/06/2013 08:18 AM
115Email UpdatesFeatureAssignedNormalAdd option to include list of changes for each updateDeoren Moor07/30/2013 10:56 AM
114Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalgrep warns of invalid syntax on Ubuntu 12.04 LTSDeoren Moor07/26/2013 08:40 AM
113Email ScriptsFeatureAssignedNormalCreate script that allows for searching by a keyword which returns the log records associated with corresponding SMTP idDeoren Moor08/06/2013 08:18 AM
112Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalUpdate string matching/sanitization needs improvementDeoren Moor10/13/2014 12:21 PM
111Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalComparison of a list of current patches against previously reported patches is too slowDeoren Moor07/18/2013 06:04 PM
110Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalSKIP_UPSTREAM_SYNC is not respected by sync_packages_list() on CentOS/RHEL systemsDeoren Moor07/18/2013 04:37 PM
109Email UpdatesFeatureAssignedNormalStore original matched update line in db for debugging purposesDeoren Moor07/18/2013 01:59 PM
108Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalObsolete packages are counted as new updatesDeoren Moor07/18/2013 04:45 PM
107Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalMute printing patch arrays (by default)Deoren Moor04/22/2013 02:56 PM
106Email UpdatesFeatureClosedLowInclude IP Address(es) in email reportDeoren Moor06/05/2013 10:50 AM
105Email UpdatesDefectClosedHighTrim excess spaces from patch strings before storing and before comparing themDeoren Moor10/13/2014 12:10 PM
104Deal MailerDefectAssignedNormalTemporary failure in name resolutionDeoren Moor10/05/2012 08:02 AM
103Deal MailerDefectAssignedNormalsocket.error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peerDeoren Moor09/23/2012 09:54 AM
102Email UpdatesFeatureClosedHighMerge separate yum and apt-get dependent scriptsDeoren Moor09/21/2012 03:40 PM
101Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalFix database table name and change the name of the patch field to updateDeoren Moor09/21/2012 03:11 PM
100Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalModify db schema to store the timestamp in localtime, not GMTDeoren Moor09/21/2012 12:50 PM
99Email UpdatesDefectClosedNormalUse common database filename instead of separate filename for each toolDeoren Moor09/21/2012 12:50 PM
98Email UpdatesFeatureClosedNormalAdd support for sending the emails as specific userDeoren Moor09/21/2012 12:04 PM
97Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalLinks resultiing in 404 are not handled properlyDeoren Moor06/30/2012 08:33 AM
96Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd Video Deal of the Week for O'Reilly MediaDeoren Moor06/05/2012 06:24 PM
95Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd Deal of the Day for Cisco PressDeoren Moor04/23/2012 09:50 AM
94Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd additional PacktPub dealsDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:59 PM
93Deal MailerDefectClosedNormallocalhost is hardcoded as the mail serverDeoren Moor04/07/2012 09:07 PM
92Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalMake licensing clearer within code and outside of itDeoren Moor04/07/2012 09:08 PM
91Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalRefactor two PacktPub specific functions into oneDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:55 PM
90Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd option to disable sitesDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:18 PM
89Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalIndexError: list index out of rangeDeoren Moor04/07/2012 02:43 PM
88Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalPackt Publishing - eBook Deal of the Day was not found when it was offeredDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:54 PM
87Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalPacktpub dotd scraping ignores other current dealsDeoren Moor04/07/2012 08:55 PM
86Deal MailerDefectAssignedNormalPage scraping timeouts are not handled properlyDeoren Moor11/29/2011 08:03 AM
85Deal MailerDefectAssignedHighDebugging print statements keep running afoul of UnicodeEncodeError exceptionsDeoren Moor11/28/2011 11:07 AM
84Deal MailerFeatureAssignedNormalSplit feeds list and accompanying options into separate fileDeoren Moor04/07/2012 09:08 PM
83Deal MailerFeatureAssignedNormalConsider adding support for InformIt promotions Deoren Moor11/27/2011 04:56 PM
82Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalUpdate DoTD linksDeoren Moor11/28/2011 11:14 AM
81Deal MailerFeatureAssignedNormalAdd customized user agent for scriptDeoren Moor11/27/2011 04:28 PM
80Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd support for Deal of the Day and Special Offers from PacktPub.comDeoren Moor11/28/2011 11:07 AM
79Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAdd support for compressed feed sourcesDeoren Moor11/26/2011 04:02 PM
78Deal MailerFeatureClosedNormalAllow alternate url to be included with the deal instead of the feed urlDeoren Moor11/16/2011 01:31 PM
77Deal MailerDefectClosedNormalManning Books Twitter feed isn't reliably providing Deal of the Day textDeoren Moor11/16/2011 01:32 PM
76Deal MailerDefectClosedHighLeft an old email address as the FROM_ADDR valueDeoren Moor11/16/2011 10:12 AM
75Deal daily deal page location changedDeoren Moor11/15/2011 08:34 AM
74SynclosureFeatureClosedNormalbuild script - tag win32 binary with iconDeoren Moor01/05/2011 10:30 AM
73SynclosureDefectClosedUrgentBinary version of Synclosure version 0.2 doesn't workDeoren Moor01/04/2011 07:52 PM
72SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - Python code compilation errorDeoren Moor01/05/2011 10:14 AM
71SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - Error message string interpolation failureDeoren Moor01/17/2011 09:38 AM
70SynclosureDefectClosedHighbuild script fails to run, 'build_dir' is not definedDeoren Moor01/03/2011 08:37 PM
69SynclosureFeatureClosedNormalAdd option to installers for keeping sources.iniDeoren Moor01/07/2011 12:49 PM
68SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - MSI output file isn't placed in the same dir as other output filesDeoren Moor01/02/2011 05:45 PM
67SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - old builds are no longer removed during cleanup phaseDeoren Moor01/02/2011 05:45 PM
66SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - set Inno Setup installer output filename dynamicallyDeoren Moor01/02/2011 05:39 PM
65SynclosureDefectClosedNormalUpdate WiX project to use command-line variable for Product->Version attributeDeoren Moor01/02/2011 03:26 PM
64SynclosureDefectClosedLowbuild script - Set VersionInfoVersion for Inno Setup installer dynamicallyDeoren Moor01/02/2011 04:40 PM
63SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script - WiX project version is not set dynamicallyDeoren Moor01/02/2011 03:29 PM
62SynclosureDefectClosedLowbuild script doesn't move sources.ini to package dirDeoren Moor01/01/2011 01:54 PM
61SynclosureFeatureClosedNormalUpdate build script to generate MSI installer from WiX project fileDeoren Moor01/17/2011 09:47 AM
60SynclosureDefectClosedNormalbuild script is still passing MY_BUILD_VERSION value to inno setup preprocessorDeoren Moor12/31/2010 04:25 PM
59SynclosureDefectClosedNormalUpdate Inno Setup installer copyright messageDeoren Moor12/31/2010 01:06 PM
58SynclosureDefectClosedNormalFix build script: Unable to handle spaces in dir namesDeoren Moor12/31/2010 12:08 PM
57SynclosureDefectClosedNormalAttributeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object has no attribute 'endswith'Deoren Moor12/17/2010 09:17 PM
56SynclosureFeatureClosedNormalUpdate build script to generate 7z files (source, binary) Deoren Moor01/17/2011 09:47 AM
55SynclosureDefectClosedNormalMissing or incomplete Wiki pagesDeoren Moor12/17/2010 06:49 PM
54SynclosureDefectClosedNormalCreate Wiki pages for 0.2 releaseDeoren Moor12/17/2010 09:36 PM
53SynclosureDefectClosedNormalInconsistent use of destination variableDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:27 PM
52SynclosureDefectClosedNormalsources.ini and cache.ini are being recreated within working dirDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:27 PM
51SynclosureDefectClosedNormalUpdate Inno Setup project file to use version placeholder.Deoren Moor12/12/2010 09:27 PM
50SynclosureDefectClosedNormalFix checkout skipping message from displaying when it shouldn'tDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:28 PM
49SynclosureDefectClosedNormalUpdate build script to process a list of files instead of multiple function callsDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:28 PM
48SynclosureDefectClosedNormalSynclosure is not creating folders specified with cmdline destination optionDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:27 PM
47SynclosureDefectClosedNormalFix mismatched release number comparison in build scriptDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:28 PM
46SynclosureDefectClosedNormalStreamline build scriptDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:28 PM
45SynclosureDefectClosedNormalUpdate build script to replace place holder in synclosure scriptDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:29 PM
44SynclosureDefectClosedNormalRename sources.ini to allow for SVN upgradesDeoren Moor12/12/2010 09:29 PM
43SynclosureDefectClosedNormalBuild script for development and release buildsDeoren Moor12/11/2010 08:07 PM
42SynclosureFeatureNewNormalHave a Twitter avatar designed for Synclosure12/11/2010 12:57 PM
41SynclosureDefectClosedNormalAdd line break before printing which feed is currently being parsedDeoren Moor12/11/2010 11:50 AM
40SynclosureDefectClosedNormalParseFile function doesn't properly handle lines with leading spacesDeoren Moor12/11/2010 09:21 AM
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