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  branches 33 over 6 years Deoren Moor Adding svn props to integrate this repo with To...
  tags 90 over 4 years Deoren Moor [issues #129] Tagging v0.2.5 from r89.
  trunk 91 over 4 years Deoren Moor Added reference link for sorting an array in Bash.
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# Date Author Comment
91 11/01/2014 01:23 AM Deoren Moor

Added reference link for sorting an array in Bash.

90 10/28/2014 03:18 PM Deoren Moor

[issues #129]
Tagging v0.2.5 from r89.

89 10/22/2014 04:44 PM Deoren Moor [issues #129]
  • Fixed typo
  • Fixed logic used to get the path to the script (for include file reference) if script is called via a symbolic link

Light testing so far shows this to work well.

88 10/22/2014 12:56 PM Deoren Moor

[issues #129]
Opted to allow an array of locations for the override file to be included. I ran into at least one situation where having it in the same directory as the script would have been handy.

87 10/13/2014 02:34 PM Deoren Moor

[issues #129]
Added note to self to apply proper permissions check.

86 10/13/2014 02:09 PM Deoren Moor

[issues #129]
Beginning of working to allow customs settings to override predefined settings.


85 10/13/2014 12:35 PM Deoren Moor

Tagging v0.2.

84 01/15/2014 12:36 PM Deoren Moor

[issues #118]
Expanding PATH variable to include core locations. This should resolve the (bad) idea to rely on the PATH variable to be set via crontab file(s).

83 10/17/2013 10:06 AM Deoren Moor

[issues #120]

82 10/17/2013 10:03 AM Deoren Moor

[issues #120]
Fixed syntax error.

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