v0.3 (2011-01-17)


#13: Create WiX source file(s) for project installation
#56: Update build script to generate 7z files (source, binary)
#61: Update build script to generate MSI installer from WiX project file
#69: Add option to installers for keeping sources.ini
#74: build script - tag win32 binary with icon

Bugs fixed:

Fixed #58: Fix build script: Unable to handle spaces in dir names
Fixed #59: Update Inno Setup installer copyright message
Fixed #60: build script is still passing MY_BUILD_VERSION value to inno setup preprocessor
Fixed #62: build script doesn't move sources.ini to package dir
Fixed #63: build script - WiX project version is not set dynamically
Fixed #64: build script - Set VersionInfoVersion for Inno Setup installer dynamically
Fixed #65: Update WiX project to use command-line variable for Product->Version attribute
Fixed #66: build script - set Inno Setup installer output filename dynamically
Fixed #67: build script - old builds are no longer removed during cleanup phase
Fixed #68: build script - MSI output file isn't placed in the same dir as other output files
Fixed #70: build script fails to run, 'build_dir' is not defined
Fixed #71: build script - Error message string interpolation failure
Fixed #72: build script - Python code compilation error

v0.2.1 (2011-01-04)

  • Fixed #73: Binary version of Synclosure version 0.2 doesn't work

v0.2 (2010-12-18)


  • #2: Add Universal Feed Parser
  • #9: Place content from each podcast feed into it's own folder
  • #10: Create Inno Setup installer files
  • #12: Allow blank lines in sources.ini
  • #14: Show remaining feeds on startup
  • #15: Display application header (copyright, version, etc) on startup
  • #18: Instead of printing part of feed url, print title of feed
  • #19: Replace use of urllib module with urllib2
  • #23: Add option to remove partially downloaded files
  • #24: Add option to skip invalid links on future runs
  • #25: Add option to "spider" feed contents for troubleshooting/dev purposes
  • #26: Add option to skip "not found" content on future runs

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed #3: Inconsistent line endings and indention (mixed tabs/spaces)
  • Fixed #8: Update old homepage links to point to
  • Fixed #11: Add additional video/audio podcast feeds to sources.ini
  • Fixed #17: Update user agent to not use static values
  • Fixed #20: Improve sanitizing of folder/file names
  • Fixed #22: Instead of printing part of enclosure url, print filename
  • Fixed #27: Improve reliability by configuring timeouts, retry attempts, etc
  • Fixed #28: Improve documentation for Synclosure prior to 0.2 release
  • Fixed #29: Add configuration options to Wiki
  • Fixed #30: Create updated README file
  • Fixed #31: Add list of suggested links to podcast directories
  • Fixed #32: Add list of resources used while developing changes for Synclosure
  • Fixed #33: NameError: global name 'bozo_exception' is not defined
  • Fixed #34: Beginnging feed processing message should not be printed for each feed
  • Fixed #35: Update podcast feed for Evil Genius Chronicles
  • Fixed #39: sources.ini is recreated improperly
  • Fixed #40: ParseFile function doesn't properly handle lines with leading spaces
  • Fixed #41: Add line break before printing which feed is currently being parsed
  • Fixed #43: Build script for development and release builds
  • Fixed #44: Rename sources.ini to allow for SVN upgrades
  • Fixed #45: Update build script to replace place holder in synclosure script
  • Fixed #46: Streamline build script
  • Fixed #47: Fix mismatched release number comparison in build script
  • Fixed #48: Synclosure is not creating folders specified with cmdline destination option
  • Fixed #49: Update build script to process a list of files instead of multiple function calls
  • Fixed #50: Fix checkout skipping message from displaying when it shouldn't
  • Fixed #51: Update Inno Setup project file to use version placeholder.
  • Fixed #52: sources.ini and cache.ini are being recreated within working dir
  • Fixed #53: Inconsistent use of destination variable
  • Fixed #54: Create Wiki pages for 0.2 release
  • Fixed #55: Missing or incomplete Wiki pages
  • Fixed #57: AttributeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object has no attribute 'endswith'