This page is for additional information concerning the FGW Library, aka "Playpen". See the publisher's book page here for all remaining official downloads since the Francis Glassborow's books page went dark.


FGW Library source files

From Appendix D, The FGW Library:

All aspects of this library can be used without charge providing that the author's name is credited in the documentation accompanying any software that uses any part of it.

I am interpreting that to mean that it is OK to distribute the code and any modifications to it provided that I do not claim to be the original author and give credit to Francis Glassborow for his work. If that is not the case, please let me know and I'll remove access to this project and archive it. The only reason I'm doing this is in the hopes that it will be helpful to another reader or owner of Francis' books.

I make no claims on any modifications that I might make to the code.

zlib general purpose compression library

The FGW Library code makes use of the zlib library and the public repository includes zlib library source files. Those source files fall under a different license.

Building the FGW library